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Trauma Resolution Educator, Rachael Maddox, was releasing a coaching course parallel to her new book release. “Rebloom Coherence Course” needed a cohesive platform that could inform and sell her services to different audiences.  

Rachael Maddox is loved by her fans and peers for her warm yet direct communication style, as well as being one of the few practitioners in her field who “walks the walk”.

This platform needed to take the authentic spirit of Rachael’s communication style and aesthetic, while synthesizing it into something consistent and cohesive.
Design and develop a responsive commerce site that raises awareness among Rachael’s multiple audiences informing them about her “Coherence Course”
Convert interest into subscriptions for the “Rebloom Coherence Course”
Project Includes
•Research presentation
•Design ideation
•Design presentation
8 weeks
Project Includes
•Research presentation
•Design Ideation
•Design presentation
8 weeks
Phase 1: Research
Our focus for the research was geared towards Rachael’s extremely passionate audience. The audience she appeals to deeply trusts her. As the designer I wanted to discover what was it about Rachael, her presence and communication style, that led to such passionate engagement.
”Coaching is a massive 14 billion dollar unregulated industry littered with grifters and inexperienced practitioners. People have trauma, need help and ReBloom is perceived as the real deal. There are many good intentioned coaches who operate in a faux window of tolerance. In contrast Rachael is perceived to be walking the walk, not just saying to right things. Rachael is always working to be in coherence. Have a regulated immune system.”
Phase 2: Analyze
My research revealed some new insights, and confirmed longstanding assumptions Rachael and Rebloom had been opperating on. These insights can be found below:
Why Rebloom? +
  • “This is what running a business as a survivor looks like”.
  • “Our politics aligned”.
  • Messaging is for beginners and experienced trauma resolution practice.
  • ReBloom is “fun”.
  • Rachael knows her shit. Not cold and clinical.
  • Rachael's regulated nervous system is best recruitment tool.
User Needs  +
  • Wants to become trauma informed to help their clients who have mild trauma to severe trauma
  • Looking for network of support
  • Desire Shift. Looking for Nervous system regulation techniques (Even if they don’t realize it).
  • Looking for better regulation of their business
  • Middle Class Background
  • Looking for better regulation of their business
  • Looking to balance their needs with their clients needs
Characteristics +
  • Business / Life Coaches
  • HSPs
  • Undergrad or Master Degrees
  • Tech Savvy
  • Middle Class Background
  • Their coaching experiences too intense (both giving and receiving)
  • Experienced Burnout
  • Spiritual / Magical Mindset. Looking for grounded best practices to apply to life and client work.
  • Looking for alternative way to live. (Alternative to transactional living.)
Rebloom learn more section webpage Screen Shot
Phase Three: Design & Implementation
The research and analysis phases gave us some very clear strings to pull on for the design phase.  We now had a clear understanding of why Rachael has been successful in selling her existing offerings as well as what was attracting such a passionate audience. Now I just needed to connect these elements in a way that would tie back to the initial objectives...
1. Information
Nail down priorities and overall information structure.
Rebloom learn more section Screen Shot
2. Wire Frames
Build scaffolding to support the informational architecture.
3. Building Digital
Asset Library
This includes graphics, photos, quotes, testimonials, and other assets that would be used to communicate as tightly as possible.
4. Mockups
Fill out wireframes for a complete look at what to expect for delivered product.
5. Development
Move this concept from paper to the web.
Hand Drawn User Interface
One of the primary goals was be to bring Rebloom’s visual identity to the next level while honoring the aesthetic that Rachael cultivated on her homepage and Instagram.
The color palette was inspired by Rachael’s current preferences, her hand drawn art was used as iconography and titles. Ornamentation guide the user through the site...
A Simplified, Readable, & Beautiful Mobile Experience
I went through each div block one by one to resize all the modules for the most attractive and readable mobile experience possible.  This means all content, such as video, photography, and iconography, were carefully resized to meet this goal.
A seamlessly flexible site was paramount to meeting our project goals.
Rebloom iPhone Mockup
Rebloom Testimonial iPhone mockup
Link to Site: Rebloom
Thank you for reading!
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